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Well other than my trip to Argentina which will follow shortly. I’m afraid my time is drawing to a close! I can hardly believe where 6 months have gone!

Before I continue I would like to thank all you lovely people for reading, and hopefully enjoying, my ramblings from Peru.  I have been astounded by the number of hits my blogs have had, averaging around 400 for each. The first few getting 800!!
This experience doesn’t feel like the end for me though, but only the start of something exciting..to hopefully continue to work with and help Living Heart in future. It is amazing what you can do on Skype!! Because I have become very passionate about this small NGO I have reduced my work days, thus changing my job, so I can work with them remotely one day a week. I am now officially the Coordinator and Treasurer so will Skype regularly with Ineke who is our part-time office manager. Jess has come back from her month off and has decided to return to the UK to get herself well etc, but she will continue to do some freelance work for us which is great. To grow though and do all we want and need to do we do need some more help so Sonia is looking for the right person. We only pay local wages which doesn’t suit a lot of people but it is absolutely right as the cost of living is much less! We should have interviewed someone on Saturday but she was ill so didn’t make it. Sonia will now do this alone.

My last week has been a manic one!! With the problems with the greenhouse and others wanting to see us I had three meetings as well as moving into Sonia’s, finishing amongst other things the finance stuff as we finally got the information we had been looking for (for 2 months) from Washington, our accountant. We only got this the Friday before I left for Argentina, after I sent another e mail to him explaining why and the urgency of this! Ineke and I had to sit in his office for 2 hours and only spoke to one of the girls but got what we wanted! On the Saturday (1st October) before I left for Argentina I had a manic day preparing information for Sonia and Ineke..it felt like home and trying to go on holiday!!
This week I ended up working a 6 day week of 12 hour days!! Hopefully this will mean I have time to relax a little before picking up the reins again..although I do have to finish completing a grant application that was originally for December but they have changed their application deadlines to the end of October! Anyway I really think we achieved such a lot. Ineke will do a lot of research stuff for me and I can put stuff together. To take the pressure off Sonia we will try and do as much as we can ourselves. With the cafe now moving in a month she really has a heck of a lot on her plate..never mind the fact that she is 80 years old. She also has a new little dog..onyx. He is a lovely thing if a little energetic. He was a poor soul that Sabrina and Sonia found outside the cafe while I was away. He has been quite a lot of work for Sonia but Sabrina is helping with him too. His behaviour has improved a lot while I have been staying so hopefully this will continue. He is a good friend and company for Sonia though.
I did manage to get to my last Salsa class on the Wednesday night despite my long days..I was a little later than normal but still had a lot of fun. Everyone there wished me well when they realised this was my last night and that I should return soon as they needed me in the class. That was nice. 
Saying goodbye to the Living Heart team was really hard though. Rita, Sonia and Sabrina’s goodbyes all ended in tears and how were they going to work without me there. It was so lovely and really hard as this becomes your life after 6 months. I think I am in for a big shock when I come back to Scotland but I’ll settle in I am sure...I hope! I am really looking forward to seeing Scotland and everyone though.... with lots of hugs, kisses and a few glasses of wine..maybe even a wee bottle of bubbly.  Skype has been great to keep in touch. It makes the world a smaller place.  I am definitely a different person to the one who left six months ago so what the future holds for me we shall have to see. I will follow my heart though..
Please watch this space or drop me a message if you would like to help support my cause.  I am hoping to hold a Scottish night with bands and food early next year with the help of some very good friends.  I have set myself a target of £5000 for the NGO with this, a car boot sale, and few other initiatives. I’m also trying to set up a UK fundraising team with all the kind people who donate to Living Heart currently. My letter for this goes out to all those people on Monday.

So mis amigos it is time to sign off. . Thanks again for following my life changing, amazing experiences.

Live your lives to the full and follow your hearts...who knows what will happen in the future..so get on with living now. Take care and lots of love. Heather xx

Posted by Heather Buc 07:02

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